Cardboard Kayaks!

After a fantastic game of communication that challenged the kids to think about how they describe things. They embarked on making their cardboard kayaks,they planned a boat shape and had limited supplies with which to make a boat that would float them bothYou can see here the kids participating in an activity called colorblind. This is an adaptation on a teamwork program to help people work on their communication skills focusing on clarity of language, building on shared experiences and having a common goal. Participants have to find one piece that is missing of the 36 , identifying its shape and color while never looking at each other's pieces or their own keeping their eyes closed the whole time. They were successful!

Splitsville for us

Today kids kayak camp paddled from Converse Bay to Split Rock Point the scenery was spectacular, the waters clarity astounding, and the weather absolutely perfect. The kids had a chance to practice edging, their navigation skills by plotting the course using the chart and compass, and did some rescues.  Mostly they enjoyed the scenery warm water and amazingly cool round rocks. 


The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute from UVM organized a group that spent the day with us working on some intro to kayaking and basic strokes instruction.  The gang of 9 were awesome to spend some time with. They were game to learn everything they could as they embark on a journey that could take them to some amazing places in a kayak.  Grahm and I were both really impressed by the enthusiasm of our group. Click here for a synopsis of the day 

A great day with Apogee Adventures

Paddled with fourteen kids today. Trip leaders Ariel and Red were so much fun to work with again. Their group clearly had become tightly knit and were really enjoying the ride to Montreal.  We saw Bald Eagle, Green Heron, Black Capped Night Heron, Great Heron, Tern and Osprey.  It was an amazing sight for all.  We worked on communication, cooperation and even silent paddling while also having a blast trying to Eskimo Kiss our kayaks and self rescue.

Surfing in a kayak

I had the opportunity to get a good thrashing in the ocean this week.The surf was 2-4 feet at Higgins Beach and really nice; with the exception that it had a 6 second period which meant breaking out was very very challenging. I was worried about swimmers and other surfers, oh and the rocks too!.  This kayak is a Valley Storm surf kayak and has 3 thruster fins under the seat which really helps with boat control but requires a steep learning curve.  After one practice roll I was promptly reminded about who exactly was in charge when the ocean smacked me upside the head and knocked me over.  Yay I rediscovered my combat roll.  Enjoy the picsDSC_0222 DSC_0223 DSC_0225 DSC_0226

Charlotte seniors kayak rec boat roundup 

Spent a few hours working this a vibrant fantastic group of senior women helping them to learn how to plan for group trips, consider safety and how to manage a novice group of paddlers as an organizer. We spent time on efficient paddling, contact tows, draw strokes and tired swimmer assistance. The gang was game and left tired and happy. A great summary of the day at the link and Rec Boat Roundup Summary