Kayak camp

After cold and rainy start kayak camp is off to a really good day. Fossil hunting and inukshuk  building and general boat play is being enjoyed by our six campers. What a hoot to be with adventurous kids!We even got a roll inWe even got a roll in!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VW5dCCT2ZfM&feature=youtu.be

Kids programs 

We have been busy with Overland Adventures and Apogee a Adventures taking their intrepid trippers for some site seeing and cool refreshing splashing as they take a break from biking the length of Vermont. The kids are game for games and capsizes and we are always amazed at how easily it all comes to them.  The Apogee and Overland kids are always  tight knit, enthusiastic,kind and ready for anything. 

Let the season begin

A spectacular first trip with VBT. Chip and Bill arranged a fantastic group to paddle from Button Bay out to explore the Palisades of Lake Champlain. Despite a late start, and some minor equipment glitches, we all had a great time discussing the nature and natural history of this amazing section of lake. Thanks to Google Photo for the first enhanced image.

The challenge of Lake Champlain. 

Complacency on Lake Champlain can prove to be very dangerous to  folks that paddle with the mindset that "Its only a lake". This weekend I spent several hours coaching a group home after the leaders checked in with a weather update.  The trip leaders were well prepared, competent paddlers, and had group safety in mind. When they looked at the conditions  they decided some extra help was in order.  I was happy to help out.Evidence of their thinking was apparent after they checked the radar and wind reports.  Had this been folks trained to a lesser degree I believe that a situation would have evolved that could have had serious ramifications.Check out the conditions herehttps://youtu.be/lKrRIeaw2cshttps://youtu.be/R5atHUs-HgA https://youtu.be/vma4LG0INZwPictures of the happy paddlers

Past the Apogee

It is sad to say the final two kids programs of the year are wrapping up. We have done numerous trips with Apogee Adventures Man what a fantastic organization the trip leaders are fantastic, the kids wonderful, and the cycling adventure they go on remarkable for kids in grades seven through ten. Red and Ariel  looked a little road weary but were still super into the Astec when working with their kids and kayaking. 

Cardboard Kayaks!

After a fantastic game of communication that challenged the kids to think about how they describe things. They embarked on making their cardboard kayaks,they planned a boat shape and had limited supplies with which to make a boat that would float them bothYou can see here the kids participating in an activity called colorblind. This is an adaptation on a teamwork program to help people work on their communication skills focusing on clarity of language, building on shared experiences and having a common goal. Participants have to find one piece that is missing of the 36 , identifying its shape and color while never looking at each other's pieces or their own keeping their eyes closed the whole time. They were successful!

Splitsville for us

Today kids kayak camp paddled from Converse Bay to Split Rock Point the scenery was spectacular, the waters clarity astounding, and the weather absolutely perfect. The kids had a chance to practice edging, their navigation skills by plotting the course using the chart and compass, and did some rescues.  Mostly they enjoyed the scenery warm water and amazingly cool round rocks.