Private Programs and  Lessons

Programs and tours for individuals and groups smaller than 4 members are $125 per person

Programs with 8 or more are $85 per person

Group Lesson Rates

Full day instruction 10-3 $100 per person.

Basic and intermediate tours. (5 hours) $ 85/  Equipment included.

Tours Available

  • Otter Creek

  • Carry Bay North Hero

  • Converse Bay to NY

Wow: Women On Water

A women’s specific kayak lesson and tour this full day program will teach basic paddle techniques and rescue methods while combining them with a tour to a special location on the lake. Designed and taught by women this hybrid class is laid back and delivers a fun and informative day.Wow: Women On Water

Seniors at Sea

Originally funded by Champlain Valley Agency on aging this kayak trip is for individuals 65 years of age and older.  Stable double and single kayaks allow seniors both active and more laid back to enjoy a day of bird watching, social interaction and a chance to meet with other like minded adventurous souls.


Our Programs:



Are customized every time for every person.



Are paced for all levels.



Are fun.